Application Checklist

PERB Application Checklist (Individuals)



 Duly completed

 Signed and dated by the applicant



 Is registered in the same discipline as that of the applicant

 Has an up to date practising certificate

 Has verified the relevant sections on the application form by inserting his/her initials

 Has verified the CV

 Has verified each project of the portfolio of projects



 Passport size picture of the applicant signed by a Justice of the Peace or Notary Public

 Detailed CV inclusive of projects worked on verified by proposed/engineer reference

Portfolio of Projects completed, each project verified by the proposer/engineer reference

Representative sample of of at least 3 of you designs. (submit electronically to

 Organization chart indicating the applicant’s position

 Copies of Certificates (Originals must be presented for verification)

 Certificates conferred in languages other than English must be accompanied by a translation prepared by the Language Training Centre

 Work permit information (if applicable, i.e. for Temporary Registrants)

 Proof of engagement (if applicable, i.e. for Temporary Registrants)



 Application fee of JA$6,000.00



 Sit and pass the test on the Professional Engineers Registration Act (PERA) and the Professional Code of Conduct (PCC)


If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the PERB office:

Telephone: 1-876-906-9573
9 Leinster Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica WI

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