Frequently Asked Questions

Listing of questions as a reference for individuals who want to learn about the organisation

Who is an Engineer?

The PERA defines an engineer as a person qualified to render service or work which requires education at the tertiary level, training and experience in the field of engineering and the application of knowledge in the mathematical, physical and applied sciences

How does PERB Work?

The PERB is authorized to administer the Professional Engineers Registration Act (PERA) and does the following inter alia:

  • Registers engineers
  • Determines categories of engineering work in which they are to be registered
  • Regulates the practice of engineering in Jamaica
  • Appoints examiners to conduct examinations for persons applying for registration as engineers
  • Promotes and ensures the maintenance of acceptable standards of professional conduct by persons registered as engineers under the PERA.
  • Prescribes the procedure to be followed in instituting disciplinary proceedings against engineers in relation to professional conduct

Who needs to be registered?

Registration is compulsory for all persons, firms and organizations wishing to offer engineering services in Jamaica.

What are the requirements for registration?

Applicants must be:

  • Citizens of Jamaica or ordinarily resident in Jamaica
  • Of good character and reputation
  • Members of or, hold a certificate granted by an accredited institution, or other body recognized by the Board as having competence to approve qualification as an engineer in a category of engineering work.
  • OR
  • Hold a certificate recognized by the Board indicating competence in some category of engineering work. They must have at least two years post qualification practical experience in that category of engineerin g work (at least one year of which was in Jamaica). They must also have passed such examinations as may be required by the Board.

Can PERB discipline registered engineers?

Yes. The public may lodge a complaint in writing against a registered engineer with the PERB, addressed to the Registrar at PERB’s offices. The board, after investigation, may take disciplinary action including censure, reprimand or delisting.

Can persons carry on Engineering without being registered?

Persons who contravene the PERA will be guilty of an offence and will be liable to be fined on summary conviction before a Resident Magistrate.

What are the categories of registration?

The PERB currently approves engineers in fifteen categories of engineering work including:

  • Aeronautical
  • Agricultural
  • Bio-Medical
  • Chemical
  • Civil/ Structural
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Environmental
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Mechanical
  • Metallurgical
  • Mining
  • Sanitary
  • Structural

Can an engineer be registered in more than one category?

Yes. Applicants who meet all the requirements under the Act may be qualified for registration by the Board in the categories deemed appropriate. They may then carry on the practice of engineering in these categories and charge fees in accordance with services rendered

Can PERB also grant registration to special groups of persons d ependent on particular circumstances?

Special Registration
Those who may qualify for special registration are:
Persons working for a specified time on a particular project, persons on the staff of the University of the West Indies, persons at other institutions approved by the Minister of Transport and Works such as the Parish Councils and persons engaged in a teaching or research capacity in engineering work. The special registration remains valid as long as they remain engaged, as they were when the special registration was granted. This only applies as long as they continue to work for the particular organization for which they received special registration.

Temporary Registration
Temporary registration may be granted to engineers who satisfy the PERB that they will be visiting Jamaica temporarily for the purpose of practicing the profession of engineering

How long is temporary registration valid?

The period, for which it was granted, up to a maximum of two years in the first instance.

What are the benefits of Registration?

PERA registration is intended to uphold public safety by ensuri ng that only persons qualified as engineers are authorized to carry on engineering wo rk in Jamaica. Registration provides a guide to the public by identifyin g whom they should engage as engineers. Persons who are not registered under PERA may not lawfully carry on the practice of engineering nor take nor use any designation, title, name, initials nor description indicating or implying that they are entitled to carry on the practice of engineering in Jamaica

How can the public know who is registered?

The Registrar of the PERB is required by law to keep a Register of Professional Engineers with the names, addresses and qualifications and other relevant particulars of all persons who are registered under the PERA.

Where can I see the Register?

The Register is available for inspection A by the public during the hours of 10:00am to 4:00pm, at the PERB offices at:
9 Leinster Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I.

Copies of the Professional Engineers Registration Act may also be purchased from this office.