Engineer Database

Use the options below to search our database. Please note that this search returns (1) registered engineers with current practicing certificates, (2) authorized organizations with current certificates of authorization, (3) specially registered engineers with current certificates of special registration, and (4) temporarily registered engineers with current certificates of temporary registration.


Name Reg # Type Categories Class
Ashley & Associates Limited 03:05/007 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Organization
Beckford & Dixon Limited 01:06/010 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
Bernard Sustainable Limited 01,03,06,11,16/0164 organization 01-Civil, 03-Electrical, 06-Structural, 11-Environmental, 16-Construction Organization
Caribbean Eco Wastewater Solutions Ltd 01/0182 organization 01-Civil Organization
Caribbean Maritime University 03,05,08/0172 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical, 08-Electronics Organization
CEAC Solutions Limited 01:06:11, 14/098 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural, 11-Environmental, 14-Marine Organization
Centreline Project Solutions Limited 01/0111 organization 01-Civil Organization
Complete Development Solutions Limited 01/0168 organization 01-Civil Organization
Danem Engineers Ltd 03/0187 organization 03-Electrical Organization
DebOr Engineering Consultancy & Maintenance Services Ltd 01:03:06/0122 organization 01-Civil, 03-Electrical, 06-Structural Organization
Demmo Darling & Associates Ltd 01/0170 organization 01-Civil Organization
Denron Engineering Services Ltd 01:06:03, 05/0129 organization 01-Civil, 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical, 06-Structural Organization
Design Lab Limited 03/0188 organization 03-Electrical Organization
Environmental & Engineering Managers Ltd 01:06:03,11/0120 organization 01-Civil, 03-Electrical, 06-Structural, 11-Environmental Organization
FCS Consultants Ltd 01:06/097 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
Fluid Systems Engineering Ltd 01:06/0149 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
GAR Engineering Co. Ltd 03,05/0134 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Organization
GDM Associates Ltd 01/0114 organization 01-Civil Organization
GnC Engineering Ltd 01/0126 organization 01-Civil Organization
Hardie & Kossally Ltd 05/072 organization 05-Mechanical Organization
HDB Constuction Ltd 01,03,06/0110 organization 01-Civil, 03-Electrical, 06-Structural Organization
HTG Engineering Consultants Ltd 03,05/0153 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Organization
Hue Lyew Chin Engineering Ltd 01:06/032 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
Integer Engineering & Company Ltd 01,06/0173 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
JATCO Consultants Ltd 01:06/058 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
Jentech Consultants Ltd 01:06:02/001 organization 01-Civil, 02-Chemical, 06-Structural Organization
JFM Electrical Engineering & Maintenance 03/0178 organization 03-Electrical Organization
KBS & Associates 01/0143 organization 01-Civil Organization
Ken Warren Associates Ltd 03:05/046 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Organization
Leecorp Ltd 04/096 organization 04-Industrial Organization
Maercon Ltd 01/0140 organization 01-Civil Organization
Molodoy Development Ltd 01,06/0163 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
MSR Designs Ltd 01,06/0181 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
N. O. Whyte & Associates Ltd 01:06/009 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
Omni Services Company Limited 03:05/035 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Organization
Otiga Engineers Company Ltd 01:06/075 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
Peter Jervis & Associates Ltd 01:06/008 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
Planning & Flecther Ltd 05/0169 organization 05-Mechanical Organization
PowerGen Ltd 01:03:05/0113 organization 01-Civil, 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Organization
Power Services Company Ltd 03/062 organization 03-Electrical Organization
Premier Land & Water Development 01/0155 organization 01-Civil Organization
Rural Water Supply 01:06:05/069 organization 01-Civil, 05-Mechanical, 06-Structural Organization
Stages Consulting Engineers Ltd 03,05/0174 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Organization
Synergy Engineering Ltd 03,05/0161 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Organization
Therrestra Ltd 01/0160 organization 01-Civil Organization
Three 23 Projects Ltd 01, 06/0185 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
VTR Engineering Services Ltd 03/017 organization 03-Electrical Organization
Wallace Evans Jamaica Ltd 01:06/029 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
West Indies Home Contractors Ltd 01/0103 organization 01-Civil Organization
WESTECH Ltd 01:06:03:05/028 organization 01-Civil, 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical, 06-Structural Organization
Aston J. Stephens PE/03/0786 Individual 03-Electrical Professional Engineer
Dionne A. Sampson PE/01/0934 Individual 01-Civil Professional Engineer
Dwight D. Ricketts PE/09/0808 Individual 09-Agricultural Professional Engineer
Adrian M. Lawrence PE/01/0607 Individual 01-Civil Professional Engineer
Adrian S. Grant PE/01/01119 Individual 01-Civil Professional Engineer
Agnes L. Fletcher PE/05/0177 Individual 05-Mechanical Professional Engineer
Aldane V Stennett PE/02/0476 Individual 02-Chemical Professional Engineer
Alfred V. Carty PE/05/0342 Individual 05-Mechanical Professional Engineer
Algon E. Meikle PE/03/0531 Individual 03-Electrical Professional Engineer
Alicia K. Burnett PE/02/0623 Individual 02-Chemical Professional Engineer
Allan A. Hamilton PE/01/0753 Individual 01-Civil Professional Engineer
Alli Kolapo PE/03,08/01153 Individual 03-Electrical, 08-Electronics Professional Engineer
Andrew A Miller PE/03/0837 Individual 03-Electrical Professional Engineer
Andrew A. F. Evans PE/01/0561 Individual 01-Civil Professional Engineer
Andrew B. Campbell PE/03/0264 Individual 03-Electrical Professional Engineer
Andrew D. Hammond PE/01/01030 Individual 01-Civil Professional Engineer
Andrew O Jackson PE/01/0882 Individual 01-Civil Professional Engineer
Andrew O. Hunter PE/03/0272 Individual 03-Electrical Professional Engineer
Andrew O. Lewis PE/05/01190 Individual 05-Mechanical Professional Engineer
Andrew T. Haldane TR/01/070 Individual 01-Civil Professional Engineer
Anthea E. H. Newman PE/02/0768 Individual 02-Chemical Professional Engineer
Anthony A. Allen PE/01:06/0072 Individual 01-Civil, 06-Structural Professional Engineer
Anthony R. Grant PE/05/0553 Individual 05-Mechanical Professional Engineer
Arjuna J. Rojas TR/01/058 Individual 01-Civil Professional Engineer
Aston J. Shaw PE/03/01135 Individual 03-Electrical Professional Engineer