Engineer Database

Use the options below to search our database of Registered Professional Engineers and Organizations. Please note that only registered engineers or authorized organizations with current practicing certificates/certificates of authorization will be returned in the search results.


Name Reg # Type Categories Class
Arel Limited 03:05/023 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Organization
Ashley & Associates Limited 03:05/007 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Organization
Barnaby Engineering & Testing Services 05/031 organization 05-Mechanical Organization
Beckford & Dixon Limited 01:06/010 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
Bernard Sustainable Limited 01,03,06,11,16/0164 organization 01-Civil, 03-Electrical, 06-Structural, 11-Environmental, 16-Construction Organization
Caribbean Eco Wastewater Solutions Ltd 01/0182 organization 01-Civil Organization
Caribbean Maritime University 03,05,08/0172 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical, 08-Electronics Organization
Carl Chin & Associates 01:06/079 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Professional Engineer
CEAC Solutions Limited 01:06:11, 14/098 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural, 11-Environmental, 14-Marine Organization
Centreline Project Solutions Limited 01/0111 organization 01-Civil Professional Engineer
Complete Development Solutions Limited 01/0168 organization 01-Civil Organization
Danem Engineers Ltd 03/0187 organization 03-Electrical Organization
DebOr Engineering Consultancy & Maintenance Services Ltd 01:03:06/0122 organization 01-Civil, 03-Electrical, 06-Structural Professional Engineer
Demmo Darling & Associates Ltd 01/0170 organization 01-Civil Organization
Denron Engineering Services Ltd 01:06:03, 05/0129 organization 01-Civil, 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical, 06-Structural Organization
Design Lab Limited 03/0188 organization 03-Electrical Organization
Empro Engineering & Services Ltd 03:05/086 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Professional Engineer
Environmental & Engineering Managers Ltd 01:06:03,11/0120 organization 01-Civil, 03-Electrical, 06-Structural, 11-Environmental Organization
FCS Consultants Ltd 01:06/097 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
Fluid Systems Engineering Ltd 01:06/0149 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
GAR Engineering Co. Ltd 03,05/0134 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Professional Engineer
GDM Associates Ltd 01/0114 organization 01-Civil Organization
GnC Engineering Ltd 01/0126 organization 01-Civil Professional Engineer
Hardie & Kossally Ltd 05/072 organization 05-Mechanical Organization
HDB Constuction Ltd 01,03,06/0110 organization 01-Civil, 03-Electrical, 06-Structural Organization
HTG Engineering Consultants Ltd 03,05/0153 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Organization
Hue Lyew Chin Engineering Ltd 01:06/032 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
Integer Engineering & Company Ltd 01,06/0173 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
JATCO Consultants Ltd 01:06/058 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
Jentech Consultants Ltd 01:06:02/001 organization 01-Civil, 02-Chemical, 06-Structural Organization
JFM Electrical Engineering & Maintenance 03/0178 organization 03-Electrical Organization
KBS Engineering & Associates 01/0143 organization 01-Civil Organization
Ken Warren Associates Ltd 03:05/046 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Organization
Leecorp Ltd 04/096 organization 04-Industrial Organization
Maercon Ltd 01/0140 organization 01-Civil Organization
Molodoy Development Ltd 01,06/0163 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
MSR Designs Ltd 01,06/0181 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
N. O. Whyte & Associates Ltd 01:06/009 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
NHL Engineering Ltd 01:06/087 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
Omni Services Company Limited 03:05/035 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Organization
Otiga Engineers Company Ltd 01:06/075 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
Peter Jervis & Associates Ltd 01:06/008 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
Planning & Flecther Ltd 05/0169 organization 05-Mechanical Organization
PowerGen Ltd 01:03:05/0113 organization 01-Civil, 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Organization
Power Services Company Ltd 03/062 organization 03-Electrical Organization
Premier Land & Water Development 01/0155 organization 01-Civil Organization
Rural Water Supply 01:06:05/069 organization 01-Civil, 05-Mechanical, 06-Structural Organization
Satyn Consutants Ltd 03:05/0117 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Organization
SMADA Consultants Ltd 01:06/004 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
Smith Warner International Ltd 01:06:11:14/073 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural, 11-Environmental, 14-Marine Organization
Stages Consulting Engineers Ltd 03,05/0174 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Organization
Synergy Engineering Ltd 03,05/0161 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical Organization
Therrestra Ltd 01/0160 organization 01-Civil Professional Engineer
Three 23 Projects Ltd 01, 06/0185 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
Vinci Construction Grands Projets 01/0121 organization 01-Civil Organization
VTR Engineering Services Ltd 03/017 organization 03-Electrical Organization
Wallace Evans Jamaica Ltd 01:06/029 organization 01-Civil, 06-Structural Organization
West Indies Home Contractors Ltd 01/0103 organization 01-Civil Organization
WESTECH Ltd 01:06:03:05/028 organization 01-Civil, 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical, 06-Structural Organization
Aston J. Stephens PE/03/0786 Individual 03-Electrical Professional Engineer
Dionne A. Sampson PE/01/0934 Individual 01-Civil Professional Engineer
Dwight D. Ricketts PE/09/0808 Individual 09-Agricultural Professional Engineer
Adrian M. Lawrence PE/01/0607 Individual 01-Civil Professional Engineer
Adrian S. Grant PE/01/01119 Individual 01-Civil Professional Engineer
Agnes L. Fletcher PE/05/0177 Individual 05-Mechanical Professional Engineer
Albert S. Gillings PE/01:06/0407 Individual 01-Civil, 06-Structural Professional Engineer
Aldane V Stennett PE/02/0476 Individual 02-Chemical Professional Engineer
Alfred V. Carty PE/05/0342 Individual 05-Mechanical Professional Engineer
Alfrico D. Adams PE/01:06/0022 Individual 01-Civil, 06-Structural Professional Engineer
Algon E. Meikle PE/03/0531 Individual 03-Electrical Professional Engineer
Alicia K. Burnett PE/02/0623 Individual 02-Chemical Professional Engineer
Alli Kolapo PE/03,08/01153 Individual 03-Electrical, 08-Electronics Professional Engineer
Andre G. Williams PE/01/01144 Individual 01-Civil Professional Engineer
Andrew A Miller PE/03/0837 Individual 03-Electrical Professional Engineer
Andrew A. F. Evans PE/01/0561 Individual 01-Civil Professional Engineer