Engineer Database

Use the options below to search our database. Please note that this search returns (1) registered engineers with current practicing certificates, (2) authorized organizations with current certificates of authorization, (3) specially registered engineers with current certificates of special registration, and (4) temporarily registered engineers with current certificates of temporary registration.


Name Reg # Type Categories Class
Dianne A. Plummer PE/02/0962 Individual 02-Chemical Professional Engineer
Oneil A. Josephs SR/04,05/039 Individual 04-Industrial, 05-Mechanical Special Registration
Precision Group Limited 03,05,06,16/0220 organization 03-Electrical, 05-Mechanical, 06-Structural, 16-Construction Organization
Jacqueline M. A. Millington PE/02/01357 Individual 02-Chemical Professional Engineer
Dalton E. Wint PE/03/01354 Individual 03-Electrical Professional Engineer
Giselle S. Hudson PE/03/01002 Individual 03-Electrical Professional Engineer
Lavern Morris SR/06/043 Individual 06-Structural Special Registration
Conrad C. Miller PE/05/0885 Individual 05-Mechanical Professional Engineer