Board of Directors

The Act provides for composition of a Board of nine (9) members from among whom a Chairman is elected - and a Registrar/Secretary. Presently, there are seven (7) standing Committees reporting to PERB: the Credentials, Disciplinary, Registration Act Enforcement, Finance, Communications and Engineering Programmes Accreditation Committees and Audit.

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Chairman's Message

Colleagues, Fellow Engineers and friends, it was with great humility that I accepted the privilege to serve the Engineering Profession in the capacity of Chairman. I value the confidence shown in my leadership and take seriously the tremendous responsibilities that come with the new appointment.

Regulating the Profession is a team effort and I would like to acknowledge the support that I have received and continue to receive from the other members of the team to include members of the Board of Directors, the Registrar, the secretariat staff, members of the Disciplinary and other standing and ad-hoc committees of the Board.

Since the passing of the Professional Engineers Registration Act (PERA) in 1987, the Board has face many challenges as it relates to regulating the profession and enforcing the Act. This could have resulted from the lack of public education following the passing of the Act which gave rise to people having their own interpretations which sometimes lead to a breach of the Law. Currently, the challenges faced by the Board range from the high levels of delinquency among registrants to the number of unregistered individuals and companies practising engineering without being registered or authorised by the Board. I remind everyone that the mission of the Board is “To protect public safety in Jamaica by effective regulation of the practice of engineering”. One thing is certain is that the effective regulation of the profession cannot be achieved by the efforts...

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