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Professional Engineers Registration Board - Committees


CREDENTIALS COMMITTEE: The Credentials Committee is responsible for making a technical assessment of the suitability of candidates applying for registration as Professional Engineers and making recommendations for approval to the Board. 

FINANCE COMMITTEE: The Finance Committee is a Standing Committee of PERB which is entrusted with the financial responsibilities of the Board. In so doing, it prepares and monitors PERB’s budget and overseas its overall financial operations. 

REGISTRATION ACT ENFORCEMENT COMMITTEE (RAEC): The Registration Act Enforcement Committee is a Standing Committee of PERB that is charged with monitoring implementation of the provisions of the Professional Engineers Registration Act (PERA), of 1987, and makes recommendations to the Board for their compliance. 

ENGINEERING PROGRAMMES ACCREDITATION COMMITTEE (EPAC): The Engineering Programmes Accreditation Committee (EPAC), another Standing Committee of PERB, was established in 1997 and is responsible for the accreditation of engineering education programmes in tertiary-level institutions for the purpose of professional registration. The terms of reference, criteria and procedures described in the Policy Statement for EPAC, provide detailed terms and guidelines for its operation. 

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE: The Communications Committee is responsible for administering the public relations aspects of the Board’s activities through publicizing and promoting the Registration Act and the work of the Board as a whole. In so doing, it should provide information to persons seeking information to become registered about the advantages of registering with PERB and the penalties for not registering. 

AUDIT COMMITTEE:The Audit Committee assists the Board with oversight responsibilities for the integrity of the Board’s financial statements, for ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and serves as the main channel for communication between the Board and the external auditors. Where appropriate, the committee also identifies and brings to the attention of the Board any governance issues which need to be addressed.

DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE:  This Committee has responsibility to investigate and hear evidence in relation to any matter concerning the conduct of a registered engineer or authorized organization as outlined in the PERA.