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Professional Engineers Registration Board - PERB To Clamp Down On Illegal Engineers

PERB To Clamp Down On Illegal Engineers

The Professional Engineers Registration Board (PERB) will be taking strong action against persons who continue to provide engineering services without registering with the board.

In an interview with The Gleaner, the chairman and other members of the board indicated that the issue of illegal engineers has been a long standing one for the board.

Board member Dr Noel Brown said, "It is a systemic problem that we are seeing, because what you find out is that there are many establishments offering engineering services that are not permitted and are not registered with PERB. You have people who are not qualified calling themselves engineers."


Criminal Sanctions

Nicole Burgher, who is also a board member, explained that the act which governs the board provides for criminal sanctions.

Garth Kiddoe, chairman of PERB, stated that the board was set to increase its enforcement activity.

"We are committed to ramp up that activity this year, in terms of taking strong action, and we could see some prosecutions, as we will be passing the cases to the police," he said.

As a matter of prudence, the board will be notifying the individuals who are in breach of the act, and provide them with an opportunity to become compliant.

In addition, the board will be engaging in an extensive public-awareness programme.

"We will be doing some degree of public education, along with writing to certain entities. We plan to publish the list of registered engineers, and we will include in that a statement warning those who are practicing without being registered," said Kiddoe.

While admitting that this is not the first time that PERB has taken these kinds of actions, Kiddoe has made a commitment to follow through on strict enforcement of the law.